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Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, QLNU
2017-06-27 22:52   审核人:

The Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (OIEC) is responsible for Qilu Normal University's international affairs by taking a broad range of responsibilities. It is designated to carry out national foreign policies and educational policies in relation to foreign affairs. Specifically, OIEC is to manage, guide, coordinate, and provide service for any foreign-related activities in the university.

Main Responsibilities:

u Undertaking overall responsibility for the international exchange activities and providing policies, recommendations, suggestions, coordination and implementation for major foreign affairs in the university.

u Making plans for university’s annual visiting activities and facilitating external contacts as well as other preparation work.

u Assisting to overseas teachers and scholars for visa issues, employment, research and visiting appointment.

u Keeping contact and relations with oversea universities and educational organizations, and promoting oversea student exchange programs.

u Facilitating Joint Education Programs with oversea universities.

u Recruiting and conducting international students’ affairs.

u Assisting the travel of the students, teaching and administrative staff going abroad on official business.

u Organizing English training programs.



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